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This makes a comfortable and healthy indoor climate a must – certainly in the opinion of the Local Authority of Vesthimmerland.

Local politicians asked DTI to inspect a number of the local authority’s public buildings for the unhealthy substance PCB.

PCB is one of the world’s most hazardous environmental toxins used in building materials and still exists in old buildings dating from the 1950s up until 1977 when the substance was banned.PCB is often found in rubber seals around windows and facades or in other building materials such as glue and paint, which can emit substances into the air.Previously, the substance was used in keeping with the regulations of the time, the damaging effects having been unknown.The presence of PCB in buildings can make the costs of renovation and demolition much higher than expected. Villages in Vesthimmerland each have their charm, which makes it interesting to visit them.

Common to them is that they have a good business, charming streets, galleries and museums.

All trades are represented and people have been more than willing to hand over their "jewels" to the museum, wh...

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To establish whether the indoor climate had been affected, DTI also took air samples in the buildings found to contain PCB in the joint materials.- Fortunately, there was no sign of PCB in the air, and the indoor climate was also fine, says Michael Holm Pedersen, continuing: On the other hand, DTI established that building materials near the windows and facades contained elevated amounts of PCB.

So when the building is to be demolished, the joints, window frame sections and bricks neighbouring the joints must be characterised as hazardous waste and taken to a special facility approved for handling this type of waste.

The bike museum is one of its kind in Scandinavia that describes the bicycles' technical development.