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If the product which is on stock needs to be delivered within a specific date please write an email to [email protected] we will figure something out. If the customer does not collect a parcel and the parcel is shipped back to Nymark Copenhagen we will charge a freight cost.

In case the parcel is not collected in time by the customer and any kind off fee is added, the customer is responsible for the extra cost and will be charged all costs and expenses associated with the return-shipment.

If the customer orders several items and one ore more of the items is out of stock Nymark Copenhagen will not ship the order before each item is back in stock again.

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Return policy The customer has the right to return unused products within 14 days from the delivery date.

The 14 day period begins after receipt of order confirmation via e-mail, but under no circumstances earlier than the customer has received the goods.

Uovertruffen ydeevne udenbrug af elektricitet, men ved brug aftrykluft efter injektionsprincippet. Hos Clemco Danmark får vi markedets bedste udstyr til overfladebehandling og samtidig kompetente svar på ethvert spørgsmål.

Also include your specific question to ensure your query reaches the right person within our company.

If you wish to return a product please pack your order with a copy of the original order confirmation or invoice.

You have to state the reason for returning the product and send the package in a protected envelope or package. We recommend insurance compared to the value of the shipment.

Vi går ikke så meget op i, om maden bliver serveret fra højre eller venstre, blot det bliver gjort med et smil.

Vinen synes vi, du skal skænke op i dit eget tempo.

A blistering new thriller from the number 1 bestselling author of The Snowman and Police. Scott Fitzgerald, the icon of twentieth-century American literature.

I'd Die f…Aarhus, Denmark's second largest town is the European Capital of Culture in 2017 for a good reason: for decades "the world's smallest big city" has hosted one of the largest cultural events in Scandin…I ”Vägar värda en omväg : Skåne” tager forfatterne os med på smukke, krogede småveje gennem det skånske landskab med fascinerende oplevelser på rejsen.

Siden den første Jensens Bøfhus åbnede, har vi ønsket at give vores gæster gode oplevelser i hyggelige omgivelser og uhøjtidelig stemning.