Vip dating Odder

Vip dating Odder
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The name Alpha Immersion says it all: this is about being the alpha male with his girl. It tries to achieve this in the form of nine ‘Rules’ that a guy must follow so that he can be the alpha male to beat all alpha males.What’s odd is how the creator of this training course, Dean Cortez, goes about making he-men out of guys.Rule 1 is about building rapport to somehow build “a bridge” to the girl.

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For example, you play the “Hypotheticals Game,” some of the topics of which I personally found risible.

These include “Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?

Odd is how it starts off by insisting that empathy is the first thing that must the guy must achieve with a girl, which is neither new or very ‘macho’.

Then it gets even odder by going on a long-winded pitch about the dating wonders of palm-reading.

Influence builds attraction and then power, according to the logic here.

Please note that this training purports to be both proven in the field and “scientifically proven”.

Alpha Immersion claims to make a guy into a he-man to beat all he-men.

This training puts guys in the driving seat, and girls submissive and panting after the guy.

And he looks like this: The PDF is divided into 9 “Rules”.

The rules are there to make sure that a guy has a girl not only panting for him, but completely under his control.

The idea is an interesting one, but it somehow feels out of place in a training course about guys finding their inner alpha. Oh, and not a shred of evidence is given to back up the claim that this training has been “scientifically proven”. Although the training site is called Alpha Immersion, the principal training is in the form of a PDF titled The Female Mind Control Manual.