Singletreffen bad oeynhausen

Singletreffen bad oeynhausen
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In 1745 a farmer named Sültemeyer was wondering about the salty crust on his pig's backs after wallowing in the mud.

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The extraordinary conglomeration of different architectural styles of the spa garden's buildings and the surrounding mansons bestowed Bad Oeynhausen the unofficial title "Museum for the Architecture of the 19 th century.

One of the most famous buildings, the "Farne-Villa" was replaced by a new building in 1969.

On calm days the fountain gets up to 40 metres high.

The water of the spring is believed to have many medicinal qualities, giving rise to a number of health spas.

The Heart and Diabetes Center North Rhine-Westphalia is a world-leading institution for the treatment of cardiac, circulatory and metabolic diseases.

Just outside of the city lies the Klinik Bad Oexen, a rehabilitation center for cancer patients.Today's Sültemeyer-Fountain (colloquial: Pig-Fountain) — located in the city centre — is a reminder of the city's beginning.From 1830 on the mining captain Carl Baron of Oeynhausen (1795–1865) oversaw the drilling on today's spa garden area in search for salt deposits, but instead found a thermal salt spring in 1845.In the village of Bergkirchen, which belongs to Bad Oeynhausen, a wellspring sanctuary existed in pre-Christian (Saxon) times at the local crossing of the Wiehengebirge, which was replaced in the 9 th century by a church. On the church and the downhill-situated Widukind-spring plates explain this further.A few meters from the church a 13 th century timbered homestead can still be found.In 753 Pepin the Short, according to the Frankish Chronicles, stopped over ad locum qui dicitur Rimiae, so that Rehme is commonly accepted as the oldest part of town.