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Senior dating dk Bornholm
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Validity - No ticket can be refunded later than 3 months from departure date.

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A camper with permissible weight over 3,500 kg also pays the price as camper, if the vehicle from the factory is built and first registered as camper.Campers, length over 12 m, pay a surcharge per extra metre over 12 m. Day tickets can be changed and cancelled up until departure.When making up a partly used 10 Trip Ticket, the ordinary ticket price per trip realized at the particular time, is deducted. All other tickets are refundable minus a handling fee of 10 Euro, when the tickets are cancelled before departure.If the tickets are cancelled after departure, they are refundable minus a fee of 20% of the ticket price (however min. Right of withdrawal - You have the right to withdraw from a purchase within 24 hours from time of payment.Car with caravan/trailer Overall length max 12 meters.

Additional meters can be added by contacting Customer Service on tel. Definition of a camper - Vehicles registered for use as "habitation" with permissible weight up to 3,500 kg pay the price as a camper, by length.A handling fee of DKK 75 is deducted from this and the remainder is reimbursed.No ticket can be refunded later than three months after the departure date. Budget Ticket - The ticket is a return ticket which can be changed until departure to another departure on the same crossing where Budget Tickets are available.It is possible to change the car type, if a Budget Ticket is available for the specific car type. Senior Citizen Ticket - Offered persons 65 years and over. For early retirees passengers under the age of 65 years who receive an early retirement pension according to the Danish Act on Social Pensions (Lov om social pension) are entitled to travel using a Senior Citizen Ticket irrespective of age; however, they must produce a DSB ID card when purchasing tickets and when asked to show the card. Senior Citizen Ticket for car is offered for one senior citizen and one companion.The ticket is non-refundable in whole or partially. Standard tickets for children, senior Citizens and adults can be purchased and included in the car - even if the total number of persons exceeds two people.Cars with permissible weight over 3,500 kg are regarded as trucks/coaches.