Netdating Fredensborg

Netdating Fredensborg
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It would be the first in the Royal Family since 1846.

When she married Prince Joachim, she had to renounce her British citizenship and give up her career in marketing. Alexandra, an Anglican, received instruction in the Evangelical Lutheran faith and was confirmed prior to her wedding.

Prince Joachim and Alexandra have two children from their former marriage: Alexandra became popular with the Danish people.

Within a few months she spoke it nearly without accent, which further endeared her to the Danes.

As she said in an interview, "I don't find the grammar especially difficult, but the pronunciation can be hard, since we swallow some of our words.

Alexandra met Prince Joachim at a party in Hong Kong, where he was working for a Danish shipping company.

After a whirlwind courtship, thought to have begun in late 1994, Prince Joachim, on bended knee, presented Alexandra with a diamond and ruby engagement ring while the couple holidayed together in the Philippines.(born Alexandra Christina Manley on 30 June 1964) was the first wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark, the younger son of Queen Margrethe II.She is of mixed Chinese-European ancestry and lived in Hong Kong until she met Prince Joachim in 1994.Known for her fashion sense and charity work, she was dubbed the Diana of the North.She is a native English and German speaker (through her father and mother, respectively), and her fluency in German helped her pick up the Danish language quickly.Over hver fjerde danske kærestepar finder hinanden online.