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I think you are getting better and better at this ;) What sor of a hull was it you made this boat of?I've got an old copy of a Ranger lying in my shed, perhaps I could turn it into a similar boat?Trouble is, the WWR deck is a bit short so I constructed a rear deck from carbon fibre supported by polyurethane foam board and sort of connected the two together with foam and tape. It has reduced the weight a bit and raised the gunwales slightly.

The company was founded by Peter Boas Bang and Svend Andreas Gron Olufsen in 1925 and is headquartered in Struer, Denmark.

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But as most Canadian paddlers usually carry a spare paddle, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

The seat area would also need to be considered to cope with both positions but again, with a bit of ingenuity it could be done.

Apparently it was an Espada which allegedly comes in at 6 on the Marsport stability scale, anyone care to comment on this please?

So, the cunning plan is to glue lots of foam board to it and then fashion the shape of a C1. I won't let my wife see this because she'll know our garage will never be normal again ;-)Please keep us posted on your adventures!

Side view: From the bow: From the stern: Front bit: Rear section: Stern extension: On the water before stern extension: From a FD perspective, marrying into the existing hull (ie getting rid of discontinuities) seems like it should be the right answer.

I was about to write "has to be", but then I've studied FD to an advanced enough level to know that very little is as obvious as it seems, and I suppose there could be some peculiar benefit in the discontinuity!

Then I’ll cover it with resin to form a plug and hence a mould thus incorporating what I’ve learnt from earlier C1 attempts and hopefully avoiding the mistakes. BTW: I figured I should try to raise the deck on the Ranger a little bit, although the front is the only part still in a reasonable shape.

But I want a bit more volume, the Ranger is made for paddlers up to 70 kilo's or something and my 85 kilo's will not come down, not that much anyway.

Thanks to Banbury Canoe Club, I now have a candidate K1 to start working on a plug to create a mould for the next version of my C1.