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The city council did not trust the new nobles and wrote down its established rights in a document.

At the end of the thirteenth century there was a feud between the citizens of Freiburg and their lord, Count Egino II of Freiburg.

Frei means "free", and Burg, like the modern English word "borough", was used in those days for an incorporated city or town, usually one with some degree of autonomy.

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Begun in the Romanesque style, it was continued and completed 1513 for the most part as a Gothic edifice.In 1218, when Bertold V died, then Egino V von Urach, the count of Urach assumed the title of Freiburg's count as Egino I von Freiburg.The bishop responded by marching with his army to Freiburg.According to an old Freiburg legend, a butcher named Hauri stabbed the Bishop of Strasbourg to death on 29 July 1299.In 1520, the city ratified a set of legal reforms, widely considered the most progressive of the time.

The aim was to find a balance between city traditions and old Roman Law.In 1200, Freiburg's population numbered approximately 6,000 people.At about that time, under the rule of Bertold V, the last duke of Zähringen, the city began construction of its Freiburg Münster cathedral on the site of an older parish church.It was a Pyrrhic victory, since henceforth the citizens of Freiburg had to pay an annual expiation of 300 marks in silver to the count of Freiburg until 1368.In 1366 the counts of Freiburg made another failed attempt to occupy the city during a night raid.Historically, the city has acted as the hub of the Breisgau region on the western edge of the Black Forest in the Upper Rhine Plain.