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En date dk Lejre
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Lejre from the south, the road reaches a small village bordering on the banks of the river to the right and a hilly promontory to the left.

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It is believed that the site of the ancient hall may have been chosen as a way of honouring the dead man.It is not easy to describe the shifting elements in this settlement.Neither of these streams or tiny rivers are believed to have been navigable near Lejre by anything except prams.Between these two creeks spans a hilly isthmus filled with an ancient necropolis, consisting of a mound from the 7th century and a burial ground from the 10th.Around AD 500 the first great hall appears to have been built. seven meters wide in the middle (5 meters at the ends).

The hall was probably whitewashed and would have been visible from afar.

To the east of the small streams the flat heath rolls across a landscape perfect for intensive farming.

To the west a hilly landscape rises, covered in forests alternating with a more open landscape with a scrubby vegetation of oaks, elms, juniper and heather.

Here a number of stone ships were erected some time in the beginning of the 10 century.

Probably a bit later, a warrior was buried together with some dependants at the centre of one of the later halls, which at that point was demolished.

Lejre Museum‘Medieval News’ from May 2016 brings you stories about Lejre in the land of the Scyldings and Beowulf, which is about to be unlocked.