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Dk dating Esbjerg
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The Danish daily broadsheets Politiken, Boersen, Berlingske Tidende and Jyllands-Posten all carried a full-page ad in January featuring two members of the production staff at Petersen Tegl and the words 75,000 – THANKS.The campaign was launched by the Danish Export Credit Agency, which has been generating growth and creating jobs in Denmark since 1922.

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Among the new elements is a dramatic, sculptural staircase.

former tractor-repair workshop has been transformed into a highly inspiring exhibition space of international calibre.

Behind the transformation is the multidisciplinary design firm OEO Studio, founded and headed by Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Bueman.

The renovation project preserved several of the large rooms’ original spatial and material features, and combined them with a new display system and new architectural elements.

The result is a beautiful and inspiring whole that functions extremely well as a setting for the Flos lighting range.

Among the new elements is a dramatic, sculptural staircase that acts both as a room divider and display stand for table lamps.

Wainwright wrote: “Standing at a crossroads in the centre of Basel like a big chunk of rock freshly hewn from the Alps, the new Kunstmuseum has a suitably geological weight for a building that houses the oldest municipal collection of art in the world.

The sharply chiselled edifice uses three shades of brick to give a stratified, sedimentary quality, while the galleries are designed as a suite of intimate rooms.

The campaign was designed by the marketing agency Fireball.

Møllebro & Dreyer took the photo for the ad, as well as a range of evocative images on display below alongside the ad.

The new Flos showroom is situated in Sydhavnsgade 28, Copenhagen SV.