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Dating ukraine erfahrungen
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Charm is owned by a company called Qpid Network, a company that also owns and runs other sites for international dating such as Chn, IDate, and Latam

These companies make money when you go to a “chat room” with the lady or when you correspond writing letters.

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Also your first date would be an overseas trip costing upwards of a few grand..But again if you are not able to afford this then you most likely wouldn’t even be qualified to bring them with you anyways.Just because it is expensive does not mean it is a scam.Krystyna Krystyna is a Russian and Ukrainian dating blogger and Youtube video coach.However, I have heard and read some reviews about the Charming Date services.

According to these reviews, a lot of customers are not satisfied with their dating services.The customer service can also be very helpful, a couple of months ago I accidentally clicked on a video and was charged 2 credits, I wrote customer service and they had to pull a couple strings but I did get my 2 credits back.To sum it up here, yes it is an expensive site so if you are not financially stable then don’t bother because on average I spend around 300.00 a month.As for the credits it is not like you create an account and buy some credits and they are gone when you wake up, how it works is when the women want to contact you they have a free cupid note and then you can decide if you want to communicate with them.So it is very rare that the woman would just go straight to sending you an emf mail without any previous contact. I can’t explain the dangers of this site and I hope you notify your readers.