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Funded by the weregild Estrid Svendsdatter had received, the old Trinity Church was torn down and construction of a simple stone cathedral began around 1026.This may have formed the base of the later travertine cathedral, but it is difficult to tell, as two cathedrals have subsequently been built on the same site.

The basic accommodation at Roskilde Camping & Cottages includes a TV and dining area.

Some feature a well-equipped kitchenette and furnished terrace, while all have shared bathroom facilities.

Only after swearing allegiance to the archbishop was he allowed to continue his journey.

The archbishop may have had good reason to be suspicious, as documents of the time suggest that Cnut the Great may have planned to create an archdiocese in Roskilde, with Gerbrand as archbishop.

This caused some conflict with the Archbishop of Hamburg, who regarded Scandinavia as belonging to the Archdiocese of Bremen.

The earliest known bishop of Roskilde was Gerbrand, who had been a cleric with Cnut the Great, and who was intercepted by the Archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen's men when he sailed to Denmark in 1022.

There is some doubt as to when Roskilde became the seat of the Bishop of Roskilde.

When Sweyn Forkbeard conquered England in 1013, he began sending English bishops to Denmark, a process which was continued by his successor Cnut the Great.

Hotel Information If you expect to arrive after , please inform Roskilde Camping & Cottages in advance. Please note that you must either pay an extra fee or buy a camping card per cottage upon arrival.

), in the city of Roskilde on the island of Zealand (Sjælland) in eastern Denmark, is a cathedral of the Lutheran Church of Denmark.

When Bluetooth died in 985/986, the army that had been raised against him brought his body to Roskilde and buried him in the church he had built.