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Dating portal test Halle
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As well as a new look, it also features a revised mixer layout with four channels including Bluetooth, a sub-out and the option to run a stereo system using a second Maui 28 G2.

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Indeed, we would be one of the wealthier small countries of Europe. We'd be better off without it."It takes a while to get one's head around just how complicated Belgium is: this really is not your model nation state.

Vanderweiden is a Walloon, from near Liège in the region of Wallonia, which forms, roughly speaking, the southern half of the country. Rutten is Brussels born, and speaks primarily French but, she claims, "not bad" Dutch.

Believe them, and the country is in the worst trouble of its admittedly brief history, or at the very least since the dark days of the last war.

Because Belgium, remarkably, has spent the past 156 days without a government.

"The place has had it," says René Vanderweiden, a fiftysomething telecoms engineer queueing in the penetrating Brussels drizzle for a No 93 tram. There's a scorn, and an impatience, that wasn't there before."Sheltering from the rain in a stylish cafe in the Galeries St Hubert, Joelle Rutten, who works in a bookshop, blames the politicians. "Look at us - we're all going to work, paying our taxes, nothing has changed.

They're utterly out of touch with ordinary people, anyway, arguing about things that mean nothing to most of us. They have no idea what they're doing at all."Sadly, though, the politicians - or some of them, at least - seem to have a very clear idea of what they are doing.If, on the other hand, you feel a vague sentimental attachment to the idea of a country whose very existence, in the absence of anything resembling a national language, a national culture or much more than a century-and-a half of national history, depends on the virtues of goodwill, understanding and compromise, then you should.Belgium's citizens, in any event, look pretty much resigned to it: recent surveys show that in the north as many as 63% think the break-up of their 177-year-old country, a place their prime minister-in-waiting himself has called "an accident of history", is now more or less inevitable. The Flemings [Belgium's Dutch-speaking majority] want out of it, and they're no longer afraid of saying so.To mark 2017’s anniversary of the Reformation, the pop oratorio Luther is being performed throughout Germany, having started its tour of major venues last January.The mammoth stage piece was written by successful composer duo Michael Kunze and Dieter Falk, and tells the story of the famous reformer Martin Luther with a cast of more The latest revision of the Maui 28 from LD Systems bears the name affix G2.LD Systems® is a registered brand of the Adam Hall Group with headquarters near Frankfurt am Main, Germany.