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There was widespread disruption throughout the western Hallstatt zone, and the salt workings had by then become very deep.By then the focus of salt mining had shifted to the nearby Hallein Salt Mine, with graves at Dürrnberg nearby where there are significant finds from the late Hallstatt and early La Tène periods.), Upper Austria, is a village in the Salzkammergut, a region in Austria.

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Hallstatt is known for its production of salt, dating back to prehistoric times, and gave its name to the Hallstatt culture, a culture often linked to Celtic, Proto-Celtic, and pre-Illyrian peoples in Early Iron Age Europe, c.800–450 BC.Some of the earliest archaeological evidence for the Celts was found in Hallstatt.In the mine workings themselves, the salt has preserved many organic materials such as textiles, wood and leather, and many abandoned artefacts such as shoes, pieces of cloth, and tools including miner's backpacks, have survived in good condition.Hallstatt A-B are part of the Bronze Age Urnfield culture. In this period, people were cremated and buried in simple graves.His methods included measuring and drawing each find, in an age before colour photography, he produced very detailed watercolours of each assemblage before it was removed from the ground.

In the history of archaeology Ramsauer's work at Hallstatt helped usher in a new, more systematic way of doing archaeology.In phase B, tumulus (barrow or kurgan) burial becomes common, and cremation predominates.Little is known about this period in which the typical Celtic elements have not yet distinguished themselves from the earlier Villanova-culture.Salt was a valuable resource, so the region was historically very wealthy.It is possible to tour the world's first known salt mine named Salzwelten, located above downtown Hallstatt.The land between the lake and mountains was sparse, and the town itself exhausted every free patch of it.