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Dating akademiker Furesø
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But this grandiose device seems to be too strong a consequence even of a royal gout, and with regard to the instruments, it was easier to hoist them up and down when they had to be replaced.” Finsen therefore concludes, “The answer to why a spiral ramp has been constructed probably first and foremost lies in the beauty and oddity of it, even though the convenience of it has not been entirely insignificant either.” What the Bastion Hid In brief, the Round Tower’s spiral ramp has a bit of everything.

The situation differs and is a tad more straightforward when it comes to the only other spiral ramp that existed on Danish soil at the time the Round Tower was built.

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Several other examples of ramps without steps from the 1500s and 1600s exist.They were constructed with the purpose of transporting members of princely houses in a way that suited their social stratum, as well as comfortably, to their elevated chambers.Later proposed solutions to the puzzle of the spiral ramp have suggested that it was made in order to ease the conveyance of astronomical instruments to the top of the tower.However, none of the explanations are entirely satisfactory, for, as the architect Helge Finsen (1897-1976) writes when discussing the spiral ramp, “The usual Baedecker-explanation of its construction is that it should facilitate the transport up to the observatory of the gouty King Christian and of the heavy instruments.And here there is not a shred of Babylonian confusion.

As we know, the easiest way to reach Heaven is to build upwards.The spiral ramp could, to some extent, substitute for both a telephone and a lift.” The spiral ramp is not the only thing that resembles the Round Tower.There are niches in the outer walls and on the opposite side of the spiral ramp one finds openings into a hollow core, which allows light to come in from above.For, why on earth build such an odd thing in the middle of Copenhagen?This is a question many have tried to find an answer to, and the answers point in different directions.The Round Tower’s spiral ramp also has niches and a hollow core with openings, which are now covered, but are believed to have been initially open, even though it is doubtful whether an opening has ever existed at the top.