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Dating 50 Rudersdal
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Did you work with anyone else on the project and, if so, what impact did that have on the project?I worked closely with Rudersdal municipality, where Dronninggård is located.

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They will possibly take up some of my ideas and refine them.

It would be exciting to work for the municipality and do more work in this field.

The Danes have gained an awareness of nature as a focal point that provides recreational opportunities.

My project enabled me to combine the new conception of nature with the romantic garden by involving the surrounding areas and restoring a large open area with animals grazing, grassy hillocks and adventure trails.

The most enjoyable aspect of landscape architecture is examining landscape, biology and space in depth, allowing oneself to really get stuck in to more specific aspects: for example, what plants grow where, what happens if water rises and what elements are most suitable.

It is lovely to work on such a large scale, but still retaining a sense of the smaller spaces and getting acquainted with each and every element.What was your motivation for this final project in particular?A study trip to the garden of Sanderumgaard awakened my interest in the beautiful landscaped gardens of the Romantic age.I have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Industrial Design and have always worked on a small scale, so when I chose Landscape Architecture for my post-graduate subject it was a much bigger challenge than I had anticipated.It has been an eye-opener and a brand new way of looking at space and architecture.How do you imagine your degree project will make a difference?