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Exchange students can register for the International Academy in addition to a semester at the University of Mannheim.

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Each room, a single or a double, has basic furniture, a sink, and a TV, internet and phone connection. Rooms for exchange students are limited in number so UMaine students must apply as soon as they are accepted.

The rooms usually have to be rented for a six-month-period, reductions are sometimes possible upon request.

Minimum overall GPA 2.75 Estimated budget for one semester at the University of Mannheim.

Fall Semester 2017 For more information visit Academic Calendars.

Germany is the most populated European country with 82 million people.

It is often called the “land of poets and thinkers” and has had a great influence on European writers, musicians and thinkers.

Germany also hosts Oktoberfest, the largest people’s fair in the world.

Mannheim is located at the point where the Rhine and Neckar rivers meet.

Located directly in the city, the university offers an urban environment with all its amenities.

The University of Mannheim is mainly located in Mannheim Palace, the largest baroque palace in Germany.

Three of the Western world’s most famous composers have been of German descent; Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart.