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If you love role-playing and things from the really old days, then go on a trip to the Fyn Village.It feels like stepping into a time machine: Whoosh!And suddenly you are back in a real village from the time of Hans Christian Andersen – where the farmer's wife is milking the cows and the farmer is tilling the field with his horse-drawn plough.

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In the newly excavated foundation under Nyborg Castle’s original corner tower to the southeast, archaeologists have found a rare signet ring.

Allan Knudsen’s well-trained archaeologists’ eyes spotted something during a guided tour of the dig at Nyborg Castle.

The fields have to be ploughed, seeded and harvested, the houses need to be maintained and textiles must be produced.

The museum consists of a number of farms and houses that were all originally located in villages around Fyn and the islands If you want to go further back in time, you can go to Nyborg Castle where the Danish king held court in the Middle Ages.

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All year round you can experience a variety of activities and events at the Village.

Many of the activities follow the seasons which constituted the backbone of the farm society in the 1800s.

Now the marks must be interpreted It’s still too early to interpret the marks engraved on the ring, but they will show much more clearly after the conservators complete their cleaning process.

The ring was found during one of The Museums of Eastern Funen’s guided tours of the excavation.

He is one of the archaeologists working on the excavation of the castle grounds.