Warum bin ich single test mann Colt .45 single action army (saa) revolver

Colt .45 single action army (saa) revolver
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Regardless of barrel length or caliber, gorgeous case-hardening and deep, dark bluing and hand fitment of parts are standard with every one.

There is something even more special about one that is yours.

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They remain a viable defensive arm if for no other reason than they meet the “must have a gun” requirement.Surprisingly, they can be fired with intimidating rapidity with two-handed operation when the support-hand thumb is used to cock the revolver.In 1969, John Wayne carried one to his only Oscar win.For as long as young men have fantasized about gunfighters and saloons, toy versions of this gun have graced their hands.Your thumb instinctively finds the hammer, and as it’s retracted, you hear the unmistakable four clicks that signify this is, by God, a C-O-L-T.

It’s the first sound Custer, Earp, Masterson, Patton and Wayne heard every time they thumbed that hammer, and for many an outlaw, gangster, road agent or ruffian, it’s the last sound they ever heard.This is common with just about every Colt’s SAA we picked up.(We had three.) After the necessary load testing, the G&A staff stepped away from the bench.Soon, we were standing in a pile of brass that would make a handloader’s knees weak, and we consistently put five shots into a 6-inch circle at 25 yards.That evening, a Ballistol wipe-down brought back the out-of-the-box luster. You don’t have to own a horse, be a cowboy or fantasize about a shootout on the streets of Dodge City to enjoy the experience.The Colt Single Action Army (SAA) revolver is a handgun that embodies the American spirit like no other.