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Hindsgavl Deer Park is well known for its cycling and mountainbiking trails that criss-cross the expanse of the estate, and for its park that is home to hundreds of red, fallow and roe deer.Båring and Brenderup Båring and Brenderup are famous for their educational vision, and the competition between tenants and farmers, so it is not by accident that they both have high schools. It is rather unusual for a Fyn village church as instead of being whitewashed it is built from kilned red brick and has a base of granite.The present main building dates from 1874 and is in the Dutch Renaissance style.

The place is mentioned in records as far back as 1398, when it was royal residence.In the 17th century it had a total of 174 copy-hold farms under it.From Sletterød it is only a short distance to the open farm at Billesbølle and the amusement park Fyns Sommerland. The church was built in 1881 and was designed by H. Vilhelm Haugsted, who also designed the chapel in the woods at Langesø.From the church there is a route to the Fyn Aquarium - follow the road towards Assens briefly and then take the left turn to - Sider dk største flest aktive singler tæt dig.

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Today, Middelfart is a thriving commercial hub where porpoise fishing has been replaced by Whale Safari trips that give visitors the chance to meet the smallest species of whale in Danish coastal waters face to face.

Perhaps the biggest attraction in the area, however, is Bridge Walking, which presents the opportunity to walk across the top of the bridge from Middelfart to Fredericia and back – at a height of 60 metres above the sea.

Odense airport is at Beldringe, east of route 35 and is the largest airport on Fyn.