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Ambw dating youtube
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What I found fascinating was the number of Asian men (Korean, Japanese etc) who have made vids on the subject of AMBW relationships.

It seems that they feel as if they’re being screwed over when it comes to dating outside their race.

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Honestly, that seems quite a lot to me, but apparently there are five times more African American males marrying Asian females.

That statistic on the other hand doesn’t surprise me at all.

Anyway, the statistical data for Blasian relationships made my head hurt, so here’s a vid of an Asian guy’s perspective on Blasian couplings. In terms of romance books featuring Blasian couples, the only one I’ve read was Anne Stuart’s Ice Blue and I’m not gonna lie, that was a DNF for me. If I can, I’ll put up a poll for those of you who prefer to answer anonymously, but I’m a little technically challenged so it might not work out.

I’ve never actually come across an AMBW romance, or if I did, I skipped past it. I’ve also never come across an actual Blasian/AMBW relationship before in my real life, so it would seem that it’s rare as hell over here in England, how about you guys?

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