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RWTH Aachen University is a research university of technology located in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Have a look at their website: another student organisation which is dedicated to supporting international students, organises numerous excursions and events all year round. Come to the Humboldt-Haus, as we have a varied evening in store for you, starting at 8 pm!All sorts of delightful games guarantee lots of fun with people from around the world creating a multicultural atmosphere!For the Master's degree programmes with no admission restrictions, please refer to the publications for the individual deadlines.Only in the Bachelor's degree programme Betriebswirtschaft/Business Studies with spare capacities according to Do SV (dialogue-oriented service procedure).Afterwards, please send your application form to the Department of International Affairs at the FH Aachen. Furniture and Furnishings Rooms in student halls of residence are mostly furnished.

If necessary, please ask the Studierendenwerk if you are not certain about the furniture.The coordinators at your university will then contact us. Please download the application form here: Word-file or PDF-file Costs The monthly rent for student rooms in Jülich is 225 to 300 EUR, in Aachen 250 to 350 EUR.If you are currently studying at a partner university of the FH Aachen and would like to spend a part of your course of study at the FH Aachen, please contact the International Office at your university first. At least 75 EUR a month have to be added for utilities (heating, power, etc.).We apologise for any inconvenience and will be available again on the following Monday.University entrants are admitted to the Bachelor's degree programme for Betriebswirtschaft/Business Studies only.If you are a registered student at one of these universities, you can complete a part of your studies as an exchange student at the FH Aachen.